Is a question a question, if you don't have to think about the answer?

Finally, we have reached possibly the biggest question in the universe. What is the meaning of life? I feel very humble to be here at long last. It feels like this has been a journey (I will get onto journeys at a later stage).

The meaning of life is...

Nobody really knows what the meaning of all life is. But I believe that us humans won’t find out what it is if we keep looking at life in our same old two dimensional ways. We think of the meaning of life only being important to humans. We seem to have forgotten the trillions of other life forms on Earth. Does a germ need a meaning for it’s life? Does a flower need one? What about a centipede or a ladybug? Do any of these creatures need a meaning for their life? I don’t think they do. And because they are life and we are life, I think that there isn’t a meaning of life at all. Of course this is all guess work and opinion. If you don’t agree you don’t have to agree with it. Life, is just what you make of it.


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